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Reasons Why Participating in Sports is Better than Going to a Gym


You’ll find the irony of signing up for a gym membership that you seldom or never go to. Why is it better to enroll to a sport that you prefer rather than going to a gym? Well, there are many psychological reasons, and we’ll state our points to this argument.

In Sports, You are not Alone

There is a famous saying, “the birds of the same feather, flock together.” If you have experience running a marathon in Amsterdam city pass, you’ll probably experience the motivation of just being with other runners. By choosing a sport, you’ll be meeting fitness conscious people. They are disciplined on what they eat and have a disciplined lifestyle. By just being with them, you unconsciously get their mindset. In this case, your journey to fitness is not as lonely as it used to be.

You Burn Calories without You Counting

sportsIn a treadmill, you’ll count how many steps you have made. If you are doing bench press, you’ll be counting how many reps you have done. The idea of counting alone is so stressful already. But let’s say you joined a biking competition in Amsterdam bike rental, you have a goal, and that is to reach the finish line and get into the Amsterdam tour bus map winners list. There’s no counting whatsoever. You are unaware that you are already exceeding your reps because you have a goal to finish.

Sports will Make You Competitive

Psychology says that competition drives us to be better. Sports are a thousand better compared to a gym when it comes to this part. Joining a sport will push you to be competitive. Your attention shifts from “I want to lose weight” to “I want to be stronger”. Discipline becomes easier even when you are presented with many food choices during an Amsterdam canal tour attractions. Because you have a strong desire to win and be better.

Joining a Sport is a Commitment

We believe that the key to maintaining a healthy weight is changing your lifestyle. In a way, sport is a lifestyle because there is a commitment involved. You are not just signing up for a membership. You are going to have a team who pursues health just like you.