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Decrease the Chance of You Having an Injury


Injuries are part of playing sports, especially if the one you are participating in is a highly active one such as basketball. But the possibility of getting an injury should not prevent or hinder you from participating in the sport of your choice. Though playing sports increases your chances of getting an injury, it can definitely be avoided.

Never Miss Your Stretches

Any coach will tell you that stretching is important. It prepares your body to do heavy activities preventing muscle shock and sprains. Stretching also helps in your blood circulation which most fitness instructors call it as “warm up”. So before you go for long miles of biking after renting a bike in Amsterdam, stretch first. Never miss your routine stretches. It’s easy to get excited to start exercising, but don’t risk it.

Always Wear Anti-Slip Shoes and Supportive Accessories

Slips could happen anywhere. You’ll dramatically reduce your chances of slipping by wearing anti-slip shoes. The functionality of your shoes should go first prior to the style. Anti-slip can be bought from online shops like lazada and zalora. If you have weak knees, wearing knee supports can improve your performance while helping your knees get less strain from the heavy activity. If you don’t like knee support because it goes against your style, you can opt for sports tapes. They are quite common in basketball players.


Know Your Limit

Stamina is something that needs to be developed through constant practice. Regardless of what sports you do, know your limit. It’s much better if you take regular pauses to help your body cope with the heavy activity. If your goal is to increase your stamina, slowly add more intensity on a weekly basis. It lets your body adjust to the new intensity of your training.

Drink Supplements that Promote Healthy Bones and Joints

Your bones and joints are vulnerable especially if you are playing heavy sports and should get health insurance premium for security. Basketball players are the ones who usually develop bones and joint injury because of extreme jumping and running, add to them the falls and slips their body take during a game. The best way to care for your bones and joints is through supplements. You can shop online for an ideal brand of your choice. Drinking supplements designed for this purpose will lower the risk of bone and joint injury by 20%.