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Common Rules of Sports Centres

Every Sports Center have different rules and guidelines, but here is the list of the most common rules.


Always Bring Your Membership Card

You don’t want to cause any commotion in the lobby if the security card prevents you from entering the facility. If you just brought your membership card, none of this would happen. Please understand that every sports center have security measures, and it’s for the safety of everyone in the facility. It has the same concept in Amsterdam Canal Bus tour trip where you have to show your identification card in order to get in.

Observe Proper Behavior While Inside the Sports Center

Since a lot of people are using the sports center, whether its an equipment or a facility, it is only fair to be considerate to others. Make sure you clean as you go, and avoid any loitering. You must use the equipment or facility appropriately and responsibly having regards to the health and safety of you and others. In boat rental Amsterdam, you have to return the boat as good as you rented it after your sightseeing boat tour. Any damage that was caused by recklessness could be fined depending on the sports center you are in.

no smoking

No Smoking Inside The Facility

Even with the signs of “no smoking” or not, it is a common courtesy not to smoke in public. Since this is a sports center, it is highly prohibited to smoke inside the facility. Think about the non-smokers who are sharing the facility with you. Smokers know what to do in Amsterdam through an app, they go to a designated smoking area. Some sports centers do have a smoking area. It really depends on the management if they will designate one.

Other Common Rules

Proper attire

Most of the sports center will require proper clothing. Wearing sandals or any shoewear without socks is prohibited.

Age guidelines

Some sports center especially the ones with a swimming facility have age guidelines. No person under the age of 18 will be allowed to use the swimming pool except accompanied by an adult.