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Be Part of a Basketball Team

For older guys who would like to bring back those old glorious basketball days, we can find a team for you to join. Together, you can be active again, and meet new teammates. We also host independent tournaments, so you can show off your ball skills. We assure you that joining a team registered with Maxx Hoogeveen is going to be so much fun.

Tennis Weekly Competition

Tennis players gather every week here at Maxx Hoogeveen to compete. In fact, tennis is one of the best-loved sports in our town. The competitions helped us get cheap website traffic from every announcement we make. We realized that we are getting more guests to rent our tennis court. So, we highly invested in this sport by allocating more tennis area to cater to our growing number of guests.

Train with Our Registered Coaches

If you want to go beyond that good at playing a sport, you can work with the coaches registered with us. They can train a team or can be your personal coach. If you chose to train with our coaches, training in our facility is free. In order to get a cheaper training fee, you may invite your friends to join the training, so you can split the training cost.

Our Partnerships with Local Businesses

We also work with the local businesses in the area who are members of the fitness community. By being an exclusive member, you are entitled to get coupon codes on products and shop online using discounts from establishments we have a partnership with. This is just one of the many perks you can enjoy by being an exclusive member.