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MAXX Sports and Events

A Sports Centre for Everyone

Nothing to do this weekend? Come and visit the Maxx Hoogeveen Sports Centre. It is conveniently located in the centre of the town, so no one can miss it. Our gigantic facility accommodates professional athletes to train for major competitions. But we also have fun-filled activities designed for families. Here, you can get physically active while having a great time. Maxx Hoogeveen Sports Centre has designated areas for tennis, badminton, basketball, and even for dancing activities.

Basketball Teams

Maxx Hoogeveen is a world-class facility ideal for basketball. Our floors are well-maintained, and our facility is complete with the essentials. Our sports center became a home for basketball athletes to hone their skills and practice until they perfected their moves. For individuals who are looking into joining a team and learn more about basketball, contact us.

Badminton and Tennis

Our facility can also be rented by people who are into badminton and tennis. And if you sign up to be a member of our sports center, you’ll get voucher codes which you could use to buy sports accessories from the local shops we have a partnership with. We have rackets at the facility, but if you prefer to use your own, that will be perfect as well.

Other Sporting Events

Our doors are opened for other events. For years, we accommodated different groups of people, and let them use our facility for their events. Our sports center became a place where people could gather and be active. We hosted yoga events for chicas por internet, dance events, and more. If you are in need of a place where you could hold your event, contact us.

Visit Us for Events and Sport Competitions

Our sports centre has become part of the lifestyle of the locals. We are also part of active lifestyle movements to get more people into sports. For that reason, we accommodate sports competition events and tournaments. We have hosted different events and was able to sell tickets with special discounts. Truly, Maxx Hoogeveen is an integral part of the community. Our facility has been chosen for big events that shaped the community where we operate. Nothing makes us happier than to see people having a great time at our facility. Stay tuned for upcoming events that will surely bring fun to you and your family.

Book a Schedule

Contact us if you have any plans to rent our facility. We give out offers & coupons for newcomers. Let us know the date and time of when you are planning to rent. You and your team could have exclusive access to the facility if you successfully book a schedule. You don’t also need to worry about the weather because rain or shine, you can successfully gather your people at Maxx Hoogeveen.


Terpweg 1, 7902 NW Hoogeveen
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